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US Moving in 2018

Moving is always a big problem for any family. It's even frightening to think about the fact that you have to collect a huge amount of things, lay them out in different boxes and packages, dismantle the furniture and transport it all on your personal car, which was not originally adapted for such purposes. That is why, we recommend trying a more universal and effective solution - the moving companies. It's no secret that today in NYC you can find a lot of different organizations that provide such a service. But in order to assess the effectiveness of their services, you need to learn more about all the subtleties and complexities.

America - Mobile Country

Today, the United States is one of the most mobile countries in the world. According to statistics for 2017, the number of crossings across the United States increased by 25% compared to the figures for the past years. Most American families go to live in other cities or states, change their place of residence or simply choose a new city for themselves, which is related to their work. In addition, office crossings that accompany any firm at the stage of its activity are always topical. Young people (students of high schools, students) are constantly changing their position and therefore they always need help. Unlike many other countries, in the United States the organization of the moving company is engaged in special companies. Why? Because it is really much more profitable than spending time and money on the task itself.

What are the drawbacks of an independent move? First, you lose a lot of time. Due to lack of experience and skills for the first time, you will spend several days to collect all your belongings and transport them. Secondly, with self-moving significantly increases the likelihood of damage to furniture or your property, because it was incorrectly packaged or made. Thirdly, lifting heavy furniture or boxes can cause injuries and strains, so your health is at risk.

What Solution Do We Offer

If you really need to move or change your place of residence, we recommend using movable services. Mover is a category of employees who can provide you with a full range of services for the organization and implementation of any type of travel. Find a company in NYC or in any other city is very easy - you just need to apply on the site or call the specified phone number. Definitely, this decision will be very profitable, because in this way you will get the fastest and most qualitative move.

The main advantages of this format are:

  1. You save time and money.
  2. You order professional services as soon as possible.
  3. Each of you can get a discount.
  4. All things will be transported in accordance with the norms and standards, so they will retain their status.
  5. The cargo will be insured by the insurance company, so you can not worry about their safety.
  6. Most of the moving companies complete the move in just one day.

How much do the Moovers earn?

By the way, if you are looking for a good way to earn quick money, then working as a mover is a great solution. In fact, this is a very popular profession among Mexicans or other foreigners who want to have a job with daily wages. The peculiarity of such a profession is that in this case it is not necessary to have an education or special qualification. Most mouverins are young students who want to earn money during the summer holidays or holidays.

The income of the loaders depends on the specifics and amount of work, as well as on individual indicators. For example, for the organization of transportation of bulky goods (grand piano, billiard table, sports simulators and so on), the price will be much higher. It is noteworthy that any loader uses such opportunities to develop and improve himself. Please note that this format is really very profitable and convenient for those who want to earn quick money. The salary is from $ 10 per hour, but sometimes incomes can be increased 2-3 times.

As for the cost of transportation, the average price in NYC is from $ 50 to $ 150 per hour. But keep in mind that the minimum duration is from 2 hours, so the final price is best to ask the operator.


After all the information you received on our website, it remains only to understand - is it worth ordering these services? In fact, the obvious answer is yes. You can try to do everything yourself, but this will become a real problem. Just believe that paying $ 200-300 for a full-fledged transfer from one house to another is much more profitable than dealing with the issue yourself.

Before you order the services of the moving, be sure to look at all the offers, compare them by cost and choose the most suitable option. We will help you to do this almost instantly. Using our website you can always order quick and quality services for arranging a flat or office move. Stromcompany is one of the most professional moving services in New York. Look at the table of offers, compare prices and choose the option that will be most beneficial and effective.

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