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Types of shipping

Nowadays various kinds of transportation services are heavily used in the USA. The most popular among them are automobile transportation, railroad transportation and air carriage. It is impossible to state whether one of these types of shipping is better or worse. It depends upon specific purposes and tasks which are set for a transportation company by a customer. We study main advantages of every type of shipping within the context of this article.

Automobile transportation

Automobile transportationAutomobile transportation is the most popular type of local shipping. Most often automobile transport is used to deliver certain kinds of cargo at small distances, for example, within a city or a state. Besides, all office and house moves, goods deliveries and food supplies to the shops as well as a large amount of other deliveries are carried out by way of automobile transport.

Main advantages:

  • Multipurpose type of shipping. It is easy to select an effective vehicle corresponding to any cargo volume or weight owing to a wide range of trucks with different loading capacity.
  • “House-house” shipping. Owing to high mobility the automobile transportation is widely used in New York and other big cities of America where there is a problem of heavy traffic and traffic jams.
  • High speed of execution of orders. By reason of well-functioning traffic routes and road junctions it is possible to deliver cargo by truck to final destination very fast.

Air carriage

Air carriageAir carriage is the fastest way to deliver cargo all over the world. There is a special kind of cargo which cannot be delivered by any other means of transport except by air: medical products, organs for transplantation and so on.

Advantages of air carriage:

  • Maximum cargo delivery speed. There is no any other faster way of transporting cargo from the USA to Europe or Asia other than air carriage.
  • Absolute unrestricted mobility. There is a great number of the countries which are characterized by insufficient development of railway or automobile roads. It is possible to deliver goods there only by plane or helicopter.
  • High safety of cargo. A chance for damage or theft of the cargo being delivered is reduced nearly to zero.


Railroad transportation

Railroad transportationIt is one of the oldest means of transportation which retains its relevance down to our days. As a rule, large consignments of raw materials, energy resources or materials can be delivered by railway at big distances.

Advantages of railroad transportation:

  • It is the cheapest means of transportation. A train is able to deliver large goods consignments at one go, that is why shipping costs calculated as weight of cargo are the lowest.
  • Versatility. Shipping companies can deliver nearly any kinds of cargo by railway – starting from food products up to poisonous chemicals.
  • Independence from external factors. Railroad transportation depends upon weather conditions least of all, so one can use it any time of year and in every kind of weather.

As we can see, each kind of transport has got its own certain advantages.