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Toy Fair 2016 in NYC

Toys - this is a special delight for children. Despite the fact that the current generation of children are increasingly choosing computer and games as entertainment, interest in ordinary toys is still not lost. On this evidence the number of people who came to the largest toy fair in the world, which these days takes place in NYC.

These days, the main city of the United States flooded the crowds of tourists from all over the world. The reason is very simple - the Toy Fair. It is noteworthy that this event adult visitors much more than children. This again suggests that the play toys loved not only young children but also their parents.

Among the most interesting innovations that are worth special attention, we would like to choose a unique 3D puzzle from the company Wrebbit Puzzles. With it, the child with their parents will be able to precisely rebuild the center of NYC right at home. On average, to recreate an exact copy of one building takes no less than 1000 puzzles, so for the next few weeks, your child will find something.

Other toys are so many heroes of computer games. For example, Sales is now a very popular characters from the game "Five nights Fred", as well as robotic figures from building the PC game "Minecraft". Also very popular are toys on the radio - cars, planes, and so on quadrocopters.

I would like to note one more rather unusual product. In particular, the company introduced Waba Fun at the fair its new product - a unique material for modeling. The properties of this material is something similar to wet sand or clay. With it, the child can learn to sculpt figurines of animals or their favorite cartoon characters.

Well, then all went into Zing. With the new mobile application from the company, the children will be able to create full cartoons on your smartphone or tablet. Moving his fingers on the sensor, the child will ask a sequence of actions of the characters. After saving the results, the video can be started as a regular cartoon and see the end result.