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The luxury hotels of New York complained of bedbugs

Quite often, in hotel rooms can meet a variety of insects, particularly bugs. But this is a typical situation for the cheapest hostels or hotels 2 stars. Naturally, when it comes to luxury hotels, the least of all customers expect to face such an unpleasant problem. But, as it turns out, are not protected by even the most luxury apartments from such bothersome insects.

Last year, there was a scandal connected with complaints of guests. Several tourists who settled in five-star hotels in New York City, complained that they had in the rooms have bedbugs. To understand the absurdity of the situation is enough to mention the names of hotels, which received complaints - a Waldorf Astoria and the Marriott Marquis. Anyone living in NYC knows how this elite and expensive hotels. However, even they do not give a full guarantee that your room does not bite some insects. In particular, according to official data, in 2015 it received more than 6,000 complaints about the various hotels of the city. It is noteworthy that more than 50% of all of the hotels included in HANYC.

In fairness it should be noted that the largest number of complaints received on the cheap hotels that offer daily or hourly rental rooms. However, there are a few complaints from residents, who filmed luxury rooms for 400 and even $ 500 per night.

That's just one example. The young couple moved to New York City and California and moved to one of the elite hotels proud. The rooms overlook directly on Central Park, and one night they had to pay $ 400. At the same time, when they opened the bed, they saw that the mattress is running a huge number of bugs. In defense of hotels become a spokeswoman HANYC Lisa Linden. She said that in fact, indeed, many hotels are faced with problems of bedbugs. However, as soon as the customer receives a complaint from the hotels that are part of the Association, immediately try to quickly and effectively solve it.

Hospitality critics advise tourists with accommodation in a hotel room be sure to check out the bed and other soft furnishings for the presence of bedbugs. To reveal the fact of the presence of insects, is enough to find a large number of black dots on a soft surface, which leave the bugs.