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The Bryant Park in NYC frozen fountain

The wonders of weather this year brought not only negative consequences, but also quite a pleasant surprise to residents of New York City. Abnormally cold and windy February this year, much has changed their way of life of many citizens. In particular, only recently, we reported that due to a massive snow storm, local authorities have decided to temporarily stop the movement of public transport. Now the situation has improved slightly and transport began to walk again. However, the weather is still pretty frosty, therefore presents new surprises.

For example, now Bryant Park Visitors can observe a rather interesting and unusual picture - frozen fountain in the main park and has become a solid icy statue. It should be noted that this unusual phenomenon has attracted a huge number of tourists and visitors. Instead of sitting at home under a warm blanket and watch your favorite TV shows, NYC residents and visitors streamed into Bryant Park, to skate, to look at the frozen fountain and make its background selfie. If you live near the park, then you also have the opportunity to have time to capture the fountain in the ice!

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