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Shipping containers

Nowadays, a large number of shipping companies work within the United States. They carry out daily a great number of shipping of various kinds of cargo not only to other cities and states, but also to other countries. In most cases, containers are used as a primary cargo storage container during its shipping to the final destination.

Modern shipping containers are one of the most common and effective ways of delivering different types of cargo by all types of transport: automobile, sea, air and railway. They are very versatile, so they can be used to ship furniture and personal belongings to another city, or just ship a specific group of cargo to one of the countries in Europe.

Shipping containers

Naturally, in order to ensure high safety of shipped items, containers shall comply with a number of specific requirements and criteria. That is why, nowadays, they are produce by special factories where these containers go through a series of tests on the stability and strength. Here are just a few basic criteria that good shipping containers shall comply with. Characteristics of a shipping container

Strength and reliability. This is one of the key characteristics for any container, because in the process of shipping it will be repeatedly lifted and lowered, loaded and unloaded. The container should be ready to sustain it. In most cases, the basic material for containers is a high-strength metal, due to which the item protects its contents from physical damage or deterioration. In order for the metal not to suffer corrosion, it is processed by special corrosion-resistant coating, and after that it is painted with a special water-resistant paint.

Tightness. Also, equally important characteristic. It is unlikely that you would want to have your personal belongings carried in a container that is not watertight, and the first rain would soak everything inside. Moreover, for some types of cargo it is totally unacceptable, for example, for electronics or household appliances. Therefore, tightness is a very important requirement to the container.

Dimensions. Given the fact that different types of transport will be carrying out shipping in a container, it is important that its size does not exceed the established dimensions. In most cases, containers are available in three versions: the first one - 20 feet, and the second one - 30 feet and the third one - 45 feet. With the help of this convenient gradation it is much easier to choose the most suitable container for your cargo.