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Shipment of cargo from the USA to Europe 

Shipment of cargo from the USA to Europe Nowadays, many American companies and suppliers have got well-run collaboration system with the European producers. So, the services rendered by transportation carriers are in great demand for this very reason, and these carriers can ensure well-timed and reliable transportation of various kinds of cargo from the USA to the European countries.

Europe received not only ready goods from our country but also raw material. In particular, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic are the countries which are interested in various goods delivered from the USA by sea or air. No doubts, experience and qualification of the company which is involved in this activity plays a significant role in this matter.

How to choose a carrier

A good carrier is a guarantee of the well-timed cargo delivery. That is why one should carefully choose the transportation company dealing with delivery of your cargo from New York to Berlin or from Los Angeles to Paris. Some important parameters should be taken into consideration while selecting a carrier.

One of such key parameters is punctuality of a carrier. It is common knowledge that in many modern manufacturing sectors even the slightest delay in raw material supplies can lead to large financial losses and unforeseen expenses. In order to avoid this delay it is necessary to find such a transportation company which has got well-run channels and routs for the shipment, and therefore it is ready to calculate time of goods arrival to the place of destination through to the minutes.

Safety of the cargo is quite important too. That is why when you choose a carrier it is advisable to check its documents authorizing the company to make such activity and also to analyze subtle details regarding customs clearance of the cargo as well as its insurance covering damages or emergency situations.

Price is also an extremely important parameter of choice. You should not think that the most expensive carriers will provide you with the best service. It’s quite an old-fashioned stereotype which lost its significance at present time. In the era of world-wide globalization of transportation services there are a great deal of big companies and corporations dealing with shipments in the USA. As a rule, offering high level of service they establish quite reasonable prices, as they receive main profit by means of big volumes.

Container shipment

The key element of shipment is usage of sea-going vessels. Usually the major part of the cargo is delivered in special containers on the deep-sea vessels. Usage of a container allows not only ensuring additional safety of cargo during shipment, but also it makes cargo handling faster and more comfortable. There are shipping containers of different sizes. It gives possibility to select the most suitable container for certain cargo without any problem. If it is necessary to delivery raw material, it is delivered with help of bags or palettes.

Air transport is used for high-value commodity shipment during the shortest time from the USA to the EU countries.

Air carriage

It's a very convenient to deliver cargo by air if the speed of delivery is very important. You should take into consideration that the cost of such shipment will be much higher compared to the sea shipping. Besides, it must be noted that aircraft’s capacity is several times lower than vessel’s capacity, that is why it is impossible to delivery big consignments of raw material by way of air carriage.

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