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Real Estate Market News New York

In recent years, the real estate market in New York, there have been some serious changes. In particular, recently authoritative agency LiveOn NY published a report of its findings as to what is today the state of the market for affordable housing in New York City. According to the results of the study it was found that at a given moment in NYC and the whole staff there is quite an acute shortage of affordable housing. According to preliminary estimates, currently more than 200 thousand residents of the state is in line for apartments, which are sold or rented for less than the average, as covered by subsidies from the state.

As they say in LiveOn NY, often to wait queue for affordable housing, a person has to wait for about 7 years. At the same time, in fact the situation is even more complicated. People with disabilities and people of retirement age are often forced to wait for their homes more than 10 years and it still does not give them the guarantee that expectations are met. According to the survey found out that most of the waiting are people aged over 60 years. It is obvious that many of them simply do not have the opportunity to wait for decades for their turn in the housing, so often there is a situation where a subsidy for affordable property comes after the applicant's death.

At the same time, it should be noted that the state authorities are doing everything possible to somehow solve the problem. Thus, according to the new plan, in the next ten years it is planned to build and put into operation more than 80 000 new apartments under the program of affordable housing. It is also quite impressive plans relating to the restoration of already built housing facilities.

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