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Police in New York don't like their job

Police work - this is a difficult and even dangerous work. Many of them have to face every day with a variety of unpleasant situations, and even risking their own lives in order so that we can live in safety. However, no one has ever interested in the opinion of the police on their work. Meanwhile, the recent results of surveys of police in New York City showed that not everyone is happy with their service.

As a result of the survey revealed that many police NYC ascertain increase in the number of incidents in the city over the past few years. In particular, they said, before New York was a safer city than it is today. At the very least, that such information provided by Patrick Lynch, a representative of a trade union.

In addition, the police also noted that the population became worse belongs to them, and the number of minor offenses largely increased over the last 2 years. However, city officials have questioned the results of the survey and said that according to official statistics, now in New York, the crime rate dropped significantly.

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