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Passengers of the New York subway put things homeless

Good people live among us. At least each of us has a bit of good, which allows you to live in this world full of evil and violence. Another proof of this was the video that recently appeared on YouTube. The video shows the moment in one of the subway trains of New York. The video shows a homeless man, who is sitting without clothing. But suddenly approaches him and another passenger simply offers his jersey.

Initially, surprise homeless even a little confused (this is not surprising, because our time is very difficult to find on the street kind and unselfish people). However, the giver shirt man explained that he wanted to give him clothes and even helped her to dress. Since the video filmed from a distance, it is very difficult to understand the emotions of the homeless, who just gave a T-shirt, but it's obvious that he probably was satisfied.

Now we offer this moving video footage:

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