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Packing personal belongings while moving

Packing personal belongings while movingWhen it comes to moving a lot of questions arise concerning the right way of packing personal belongings. If a professional transportation company deals with your move then you have nothing to worry about. Skilled specialists of this company will fold and carefully pack all of your belongings, dishware, clothes and household appliances so that they will not be damaged during transportation. By the way, if you live in New York, you can entrust this job to Stromcompany. Our specialists will organize your move within the city or to any other state fast and inexpensive.

Nevertheless, a lot of people try to pack their belongings themselves. If you decided to do so, then you shall listen to our recommendations which will help you do everything the right way.

First of all, you need a kit with special tools for it. Beforehand, provide yourself with a large amount of boxes, duct-tape, air bubble film as well as polyurethane and expanded foam. You shall divide all belongings into a few categories, for example: clothes, dishwear, household appliances, school supplies, etc. Moreover, we recommend dividing things into categories depending on how often they are used – very important, not used very often and seldom used. It will help open and get very important things faster after you move to a new place of residence.

Any electronics (TV, computer screen, etc.) shall be packed separately from metal elements and wrapped into an air bubble film.

Dishes, cups, glasses, vases, items made of porcelain, mirrors and items made of glass need additional protection. For this you need to wrap each item in a few layers of special paper, put them in a box with expanded foam or protective film.

In order for boxes not to open during transportation you shall wrap them with duct-tape or sticky tape. We also recommend making certain marks on boxes, for instance, “Clothes”, “Dishware”, “TV and PC”, etc. It will help you unpack them faster when you move in.

This video shows main rules for right way to pack personal belongings while moving:

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