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On Park Avenue in New York put a new seasonal sculpture

It is no secret that the heart of Manhattan on Park Avenue, very often there are various temporary exhibitions of famous sculptors and painters.

Notably, all the sculptures installed in the borough of New York, have the opportunity to stand for no more than 4-5 months, after which they were removed and put something else.

For example, at the beginning of 2016 this place installed huge sculpture «Looking up» by Tom Friedman. This is a huge figure, which attracted the attention of tourists and passers-by with its originality and uniqueness. It is noteworthy that for the permission of the Department of parks of New York City all wishing to place temporary sculptures have to do a considerable amount of work.

In the first place, the sculptor himself to be known in the world of art in the United States or around the world. In addition, the installer shall assume all the costs associated with installation, maintenance, dismantling the sculpture. In addition, he is obliged to pay insurance and make a percentage of the advertising, so this permission to get very difficult.

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