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NYC resident riding around town on a snowboard

Because of the raging snow storm in New York City across the state declared a storm warning. In the New York City transport services do not have time to rake snow drifts, so even had to temporarily suspend the movement of vehicles in the city. Residents are asked to stay home and not go for no particular reason outside. However, there are desperate daredevils who are not afraid to do it.

For example, a well-known blogger Casey Neistat ekstremal very pleased that the city has dropped so much snow. The guy loves to ski and snowboard, so while the traffic is paralyzed, but with great pleasure rides in the city. Such extreme entertainment liked passers who actively filmed it on video. However, the local police stopped skating Casey Neistat.

Nevertheless it is not prevented Casey Neistat stardom YouTube. Video of his riding for 10 days scored 12 million views. We invite you to see for yourself how much fun it was:

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