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News NY - launched the most expensive metro station, on the Samsung opened a "shop without goods"

On the last day of the outgoing week in NYC it happened several interesting events that require your attention. Let's start with the opening of a new metro station.

Recently, a new metro station was opened in NYC. At first glance, it is an ordinary information, not requiring special focus attention. However, as it turns out, it is not just another station, and the most expensive metro station in the world! After twelve years of long and wearisome construction work was finally put into operation a new metro station, which has become the most expensive in history. The initial cost of the project amounted to about $ 2 billion. However, during construction cost of the project was increased twice. As a result, a new metro station has cost the city budget is almost $ 4 billion, which was truly a record figure. It is noteworthy that the new station will be located near the WTC twin towers, which appeared on the site back, collapsed after the September 11 attacks. Among the interesting features of the structure can be distinguished and stylish original framing of steel bars which resemble wings.

Another interesting event, now no longer relevant to the subway, took place in New York City. Samsung has announced that it will soon launch a new "shop without goods". This original idea of ​​a South Korean developers of mobile phones, computers and various devices has attracted quite a lot of attention. In fact, the new store Samsung will soon exhibition center, rather than the typical point of sale with stalls and lying on their goods. It's a cross between a museum and a shop where visitors can admire the achievements of Samsung and order their desired goods on the Internet. The new store will have a huge area - over 5000 square meters and is located in the heart of NYC. In addition to the presentation room in the store will also be a gallery and a café where visitors can eat tasty and inexpensive.