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New Yorkers Talked About His Relation to the Automation

A few days ago the company Lipincott conducted an opinion poll among residents of New York City as to their views on the computerization and automation of various life processes. It is noteworthy that almost 80% of respondents positively assessed the development of technology, but rather ambiguously expressed about automation.

According to respondents, the transfer of certain functions on robots and machines causes them some concern. However, experts in the field of high technologies have a different point of view. Many of them argue that the nature of man lies the fear of everything new, so some concerns about the automation of various processes - this is quite normal.

For example, he says one of the employees Lipincott John Marshall, is currently a huge number of people are using different technologies, which a decade ago would have seemed very strange. In particular, modern people post information about themselves on social networks can easily book an apartment in an unfamiliar city and a stranger instead of a hotel room or parking your car trust the autopilot. For this reason, any innovation that is now causing concern in the near future would be the ordinary and everyday.