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New rules on the reception in a taxi in New York

Working in a taxi in New York is one of the most popular types of income to foreigners who live in our city. However, one of the main problems on the way to obtaining authorization for the transportation of passengers, is the need to pass the exam on the knowledge of the English language. Many foreigners are not fluent in English, so they can not get a job in a taxi.

However, due to the latest innovations, the situation may change dramatically. The fact that a few days ago, came into force a new law that eliminates the need to be tested for English proficiency at the exams to work in a taxi in New York City. The corresponding decree was signed by the mayor personally, and recently entered into force.

This decision is explained by the fact that the moment of all the taxi drivers are a GPS system to help you easily get to the desired address without question. For this reason, strict need to know English when communicating with customers is no taxi drivers.