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Many modern Americans often relocate to Canada on a permanent basis. Obviously, this is one of those cases when cooperation with cargo transportation companies is quite effective and favorable for them, because it is necessary to organize move and transportation of their belongings to a new place of residence professionally and to the highest standard. For example, nowadays moving companies New York to Montreal are in high demand.

By becoming a client of one of these companies, you can move from the USA to Canada quickly and without any problems while doing it at the most favorable price. Since the distance between Montreal and New York equals to 336 miles, the best way to move belongings and furniture is to use cargo automobiles. Using highway I-87 N, professional drivers can deliver your things to a new address in Montreal within 5-6 hours. Obviously, cost of such services is determined on an individual basis and depends on the covered distance as well as the volume of the transported cargo.

Contact STROMCOMPANY if you need a professional transportation company. We can provide you with a wide range of cargo transportation services and organization of moves within the state of New York. Our company has a long-term experience, excellent reputation and professional employees. If you want to become our client you just need to fill order form on the website and call one of the stated numbers. You can find out more about the current prices for the services in the chart on our website.