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Moving from London to New York City is a rather popular and highly demanded service. Two of the biggest cities in the world, centers of the USA and Great Britain, cooperate closely together. Many English companies buy products in the USA and many American manufacturers order necessary raw materials from Great Britain. All in all movers London to New York are in high demand.

Considering that Great Britain and the USA are situated on different continents, such type of services as automobile moving London to New York is irrelevant in this case. There are only two ways to deliver cargo or a parcel – by sea or air. Let’s look at them closely so that we could understand what advantages and disadvantages each of them has.

Sea transport

 Moving from London to New York shipping is often used by enterprises and companies which ship large lots of products or cargo. For instance, if you need to deliver cargo with weight of a few million pounds then you should use sea transport. It is considered to be one of the cheapest. The thing is, a large cargo vessel can ship enormous volumes of cargo in one go. Shipment is usually done in containers. Container is a closed tank that can be lifted and carried with help of a special auto-loader or a hoisting crane. The peculiarity of such container is that it is sealed at the point of origin of cargo and is opened only when the receiver gets it. It excludes possibility of a steal or loss of a part of transported property and guarantees security.

Many moving companies London to New York use sea transport. The major advantages of this transport are low price of transportation as well as capability to ship large lots in one go. When talking about disadvantages we should mention longtime shipment. On average cargo is delivered within 3-4 months but sometimes it can be shipped by sea for a longer period of time. That is why many transportation companies use alternative to sea transport which is air transport.

Air transport

If you read moving from London to New York forum, you will see that many users recommend air transportation. It will considerably fasten speed of cargo delivery to a few hours. Usually such services are used when there is a need to deliver cargo that has high value. For instance, health clinics often send organ transplants or equipment across the pond. Besides, post and paper correspondence of great importance are shipped in the same way.

If we are talking about transportation by plane, then it is faster, but expensive. You have to overpay for speed. Open any moving from London to New York blog and you will find out how much you will actually have to pay for a cargo delivery by plane.

To sum it all up, any kind of transportation is designed for specific clients and their needs, therefore, it has its own peculiarities. That is why, you should understand what goals and objectives you are pursuing upon choosing the appropriate way of cargo delivery.