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Moving Companies from New York to Miami It is no secret that a lot of passenger flights are made from New York to Miami daily. However, this direction is known not only by passenger but also by cargo transportations. In particular, nowadays a necessity to transport certain types of cargo on the route New York - Miami or vice versa arises very often. The list of service leaders include:

  • Apartment and office moves;
  • Transportation of raw materials for processing and production;
  • Transportation of food products;
  • Transport of finished products, goods, and so on.

Undoubtedly, to ensure safety of cargo and reduce the time required for its delivery you should order transportation only at a good and well-known moving company. In fact, nowadays, many moving companies from New York to Miami offer a first class service to its clients. However, when searching for a suitable moving company some problems and difficulties may arise.

How to choose a moving company

First of all, if you are looking for moving companies New York to Miami, you need to decide on the type of transportation of your cargo. Nowadays, two types of cargo transportation prevail in this direction - automobile and aviation.

Since the distance between these points equals to 1283 miles, the automobile transportations are rather affordable. Depending on the route chosen (via route I-95 S or I-81 S) the time of arrival may vary. If the carrier uses I-95 S direction, then the delivery time will take approximately 18 hours 57 minutes. If the route goes via I- 81 S, then the average time of cargo arrival is about 20 hours.

Many clients who are interested in the fastest cargo delivery may use air transportation. This will significantly reduce the time spent on transportation. On average, a cargo plane can deliver cargo from New York to Miami in 3 hours. However, this service is only used in extreme cases, since it is much more expensive than the automobile transportation.

If you need fast and high-quality transportation services from New York to Miami, contact STROMCOMPANY. We will help you organize a professional move or cargo transportation at the highest level. Contact us anytime!