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Moving Companies Atlanta to New YorkNowadays many people are interested in finding moving company New York to Atlanta. Recent statistical data shows that more often people order transportation of raw materials and final products for commercial purposes (45%), move to a new place of residence (29%) and order delivery of goods bought on-line (21%). Obviously, you need to choose wisely the company that will be carrying out transportation services for ensuring high-quality and timely transportation. Those days when Americans asked their friends to help with the move are gone.

Nowadays, professional companies are engaged in it, they offer their clients a trustworthy service for a certain price.

Please, notice that the cost of cargo transportation from Atlanta to New York or vice versa, depends not only on its weight and size, but also on the company of a carrier. Many large companies often overstate the real price because they do not experience shortage of clients. On the other hand, small private companies, which have recently opened and started their work, often offer better prices to compete with the "sharks of the market." That is why most Americans order services in such little-known companies that offer excellent terms.

Nowadays, trucks are used as the main type of transport for cargo transportation from New York to Atlanta. With their help it is possible to carry cargoes of few tens of tons relatively quick and inexpensive.

Usually moving company New York to Atlanta carries out transportation by automobile transport via two routes: 

  • First route – via I-85 N and I-81 N. Automobile will cover distance of 880 miles at 13 hours 30 minutes.
  • Second route - via I-85 N and I-95 N. In spite of the fact that in this case the distance is less than 12 miles, transportation time will be approximately the same - 13 hours 25 minutes.

Some moving companies can offer air transportation to clients who are interested in the express delivery of products. In this case, the transportation time is reduced to 2 hours and 5 minutes, but you will have to overpay a lot for speed.

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