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Most Buddhist monks in New York - it's fake

Leaders of the Buddhist community in New York issued a formal appeal, which prevents many visitors to the city that in recent years has been on the streets to walk a lot of fake monks.

As spoken by communities in New York, began to appear more and more often people who wear traditional clothes are a Buddhist monk and a bald head, but they are not monks.

Using the attention of tourists, these fake monks approach people and start to offer them a variety of souvenirs with Buddhist symbols. In addition, many of them asked to donate money for the construction of various temples in Thailand, as well as the maintenance of Buddhism.

Sometimes there are cases in which due to the failure to give money to these false monks start insulting tourists, and even to demand from them a donation. According to the official community, such behavior spoils the image of these monks and causes resentment among the people. For this reason, these monks decided to walk through the streets of New York and catch those werewolves.

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