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Loader in Moving Company - Personal Experience

Hello! My name is Michael and this is my story. Today many young Americans or visiting foreigners complain that they can not find a stable and highly paid job. Unfortunately, despite the large number of proposals from various corporations and firms, the search for a prestigious post really takes several months or even several years. For this period of time, you need to find some kind of sub-workings in order to have daily cash to cover your expenses. In this situation, I was, when I was in college and at the same time I tried to find some additional income. It was the year 2015. I did not have the education and work experience, so the only post that I could count on was the loader in the moving company. Immediately I want to say that in California it is a very popular service that many people use. When I started working, I learned that often the same clients can change their place of residence 2-3 times a year. To save their time, they order the services of the company in which I worked, and we transport all things on the same day.

There is an opinion that the loader is a job for foreigners who can not find a less decent position. But this is not so. In my team there were 2 Americans, one Mexican and one Chinese. We worked every day and it was quite difficult, because you had to be constantly prepared for heavy and long physical work. In fact, hourly pay is a pretty strong incentive for you to always want to go to work. Once you need to take a day off - you warn your boss beforehand and he lets out another stevedore instead. But you go on a weekend not with the idea of ​​rest, but you always regret that I lost the next opportunity to get $ 150-200.

How Many Tenants In Movers Companies Earn?

In fact, the income of the loaders is always very individual. Everything depends on the complexity of the work performed and on the time that was spent for each order. You should understand that transporting boxes with stationery goods and a heavy piano are different types of work. The harder you work, the more the client pays and the higher your earnings. I worked as a loader for 2 years and my maximum earnings per day was $ 400 (bid + tip). You can also count on the promotion at the end of the year, if the company's management has finished it with a high profit.

If we talk about the advantages and disadvantages, we can distinguish the following characteristics.


  • Daily payment in cash. For a student or a foreigner, this is the easiest way to get money to buy your own food or to pay for renting an apartment.
  • No work experience. In this case, any person has a high probability of getting approval for such work, because it does not require high qualification or experience.
  • Physical training. If you want to lose weight or pump muscle, then such work will help you do this and without going to the gym.
  • Opportunity for career growth. The Chinese, who worked with us, later switched to managers and started accepting orders from clients.


  • Hard work. This work requires good physical preparation and health. If you wear heavy items all day long, you will soon have major health problems.
  • No disgust. Often you come into the house and see there is something that makes you feel bad. For example, once we transported furniture to one client and he had in his closet a whole box of sand, which he brought back from rest in Bali. And this is the most innocuous find of those that you sometimes find.
  • Relatively low income. This work is good for students, but an adult will find it difficult to live normally, earning money in this way.