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Latest News New York: Brooklyn-Queens forgotten and Link NYC

We bring you the latest news and current NYC on February 23, 2016.

Legislators South Brooklyn made a complaint against the city authorities

Recently, quite a lot of interest in the media has caused the news of collective complaints to the authorities of southern Brooklyn. The fact that the draft of the new tram line, called the Brooklyn-Queens, and has remained unrealized. We recall that in recent months there were many conversations about what it takes to build a new line of tram lines on the route from Brooklyn to Queens. Unfortunately, all this is still only at the level of rumors and conversations, and before the real action has not yet reached.

For this reason, it is quite predictable looks a collective complaint, which brought together a group of representatives of South Brooklyn, which included Mark Treyger, Diane Savino and many others. In his letter, he told lawmakers that believe the wrong actions of the authorities, who have forgotten one of the largest areas of the city.

Due to the fact that currently manufactured construction work on laying a new tram line in northern Brooklyn, the city authorities simply disregarded the traffic problems in southern Brooklyn. Meanwhile, here in need of a new line for the trams no less than in the northern part of the district. The basic direction from Brooklyn to Queens at the moment is considered one of the most problematic from the point of view of traffic congestion. According to the initiators of the appeal, by opening a new route of the city tram traffic can significantly reduce the burden on traffic and get rid of the constant traffic jams on the streets.

Also complaints authors emphasize the fact that this year the cost of improvement of urban transport amounted to more than $ 2.5 billion. At the same time, they do not understand how the city authorities could simply have overlooked the needs of people who live in the south of Brooklyn.

In New York City there LinkNYC

And in other news. Recently, on the streets of NYC, many passers-by can see the emergence of special stationary plates connected to Wi Fi. It is an initiative from LinkNYC, thanks to which every resident or visitor NYC has the ability to freely make use of free internet in public touchpad. With it, you can not only see your location on a city map, but also to pave the route to the area or place in the city.

In the video below you can see which features are available in LinkNYC: