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Journalists are suing the police NY

Recently it became known that a group of New York journalists sued the city police. The main claim is that the police had violated human rights, when in 2014, used against protesters sound cannon LRAD.

Let us recall that in 2014 a mass protest action dedicated to the murder of a black guy Eric Garner. Police used a forbidden choke during the arrest of the offender, after which the detainee died. This fact has caused a flurry of indignation and public outrage that grew into mass protests. One of these shares was covered by journalists in New York City.

Some of them have become plaintiffs against municipal police, as they consider unjustified use of sound cannons to disperse the rally. As journalists write in their complaint, the police used a sound gun at close range, with the result that many of those present received a variety of health problems - temporary hearing loss, headache and dizziness.

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