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Japanese Moving Company in New YorkA necessity to ship cargo from the USA to Japan arises quite often. In particular, many clients are trying to find Japanese Moving Company in New York to order delivery of goods or raw materials to Tokyo, Yokohama,Osaka, Nagoya and other cities of Japan. Clearly, for these purposes it is necessary to use professional transport as well as cooperate with a good and trustworthy company.

In order to find a good carrier, first you need to choose the transportyou wish to use. Taking into account the fact that Japan is located on the island, we cannot use automobile and railway transport for shipping cargo to this country. That is why, sea and air transportation is used for this purpose nowadays.

Sea transport is quite beneficial in terms of price. Modern sea vessels have the opportunity to take a large amount of cargoes and transport them in one go. For example, sea refrigerated vessels used for the transportation of perishable foods (vegetables, fruit, food products, etc.), have a carrying capacity of 12 000 tons. If you are using container vessels, the volume of transported cargoes can getup to 20,000 tons. You must admit that it's a really impressive number. However, the delivery of this cargo will take quite some time - from 45 days and more. That's why clients often order air transportation. With the help of modern cargo airplanes you can transport a large number of cargoes from the US to Japan in a shorter period of time. However, air transportation has its disadvantage - they are very expensive.

If you still don’t know which type of transportation services suits you more, contact STROMCOMPANY. Our consultants will undoubtedly help you make the right choice.