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For the last years globalization of international markets of different countries has become so integral that it couldn’t but make an impact for the sector of transport services. Nowadays many companies in New York order raw materials from Europe or China, and the majority of European manufacturers depend on products from the United States. Obviously, in order to guarantee effective and stable operation of such international line, one needs to have a well-run shipping scheme. Special international moving companies New York tackle this issue. 

In contrast to automobile carriers, who can help you move from one house to another one or change the office, global companies carry out cargo transportation among different continents. Of course, it is a more difficult process for implementation since aside from traditional technical nuances many issues arise in connection with cargo execution at customs, obtaining a permit from other countries, cargo storage at warehouses and so on. Almost any international moving company (New York) can immediately offer its clients a few ways for cargo transportation. For instance, if the move is done on the continent, automobile and railway transport can be used. However, when the necessity to cross the ocean and deliver cargo to Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia arises, then, undoubtedly, only sea and air transportations are used.

Which one is more beneficial?

We can emphasize pros and cons for each of these methods, comparing cargo transportation by sea and air. The thing is, you can deliver cargo by plane to any part of the world within 24 hours. It is very important, especially when we are talking about an urgent necessity to deliver something. For instance, medicine, humanitarian aid, material for transplantation, etc. are very often delivered with the help of air transportation. However, you need to take into account the fact that cargo carrying capacity of an airplane is less than that of a ship. Large cargo ships can move cargo volume large in size and much cheaper than an airplane. Nevertheless, this type of shipping has its disadvantage – low speed. Depending on a distance, shipping can take from a few days up to a few months. That is why choosing a convenient type of shipping is particularly individual.

If you are willing to get high-quality help with organization of international move, we are ready to offer you services of our company. Stromcompany guarantees absolute quality and high final result!