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In Times Square, NY was arrested Minnie Mouse

NYC residents and visitors have long been accustomed to the fact that the streets of the central area of ​​constantly walking the various costumed characters who offer to do them for money selfie. However, some characters are so annoying to tourists that sometimes persistence is beyond the scope of the law. In particular, a few days ago in Times Square, New York City police arrested a cartoon Minnie Mouse. The official reason for his arrest - costumed character behaved very aggressively towards tourists, and demanded from them a tip.

According to the police, the Rhine Perec, dressed in the costume of the hero of the cult cartoon Disney, made a photo with two tourists in Times Square, but was dissatisfied with the size of the tip, which they left it. The woman began to behave aggressively for which he was detained. Now Reina received a charge of deliberate harassment and it will have to pay a fine, which is much more than it earned money on photos.

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