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In Queens, New York opened too many street cafes

Street cafés exist in all cities. The reason for their popularity is that customers sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air, instead of sitting in a stuffy dining room. Given the huge increase in the popularity of such establishments, the owners of the many restaurants and cafes in New York began to open street area.

At first, the locals and the tourists were happy about this event, but gradually it became a cause of public annoyance. The fact that the number of street cafes in NY has become so large that it began to interfere with the pedestrians to walk on the sidewalks and streets. The owners of the cafe began to take more and more space on the sidewalk, so the pedestrian zone has narrowed sharply. According to local media, the largest concentration of street cafes are now seeing in Queens. Despite the fact that they have a seasonal operation and open only in the summer, obstruction of sidewalks is a lot of negativity from passers-by.

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