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In NYC confiscated live alligator at the resident

Many people in NYC have at home some pets. Basically, it's cats or dogs, who often live in houses and delight their owners. However, there are some people who crave something more exotic.

That is why, instead of the usual pets, they begin to grow exotic creatures, such as reptiles. The other day in one of Long Island NY homes Police confiscated an alligator, who lived at the house owner. According to the channel Fox News, the police learned that one of the residents Borro NYC includes in his yard alligator. This proved to be true. When the police arrived at the address, we found in the courtyard of the enclosure of the house where he lived alligator size not less than 6 feet.

Representatives of the Environmental Protection Department said that the landlord violated the rules of predators content without providing special conditions for him, therefore seized the reptile.

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