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In New York, will soon have a new bike paths

The majority of New Yorkers love to move around the city on bicycles. This is not only a healthy form of transport, but also quite the best solution for those who do not want to stand for hours in traffic jams. It is no secret that in the rush hour in central areas of NY there are big traffic jams. Most often they arise in the morning, when most people go to work and in the evening when they return back home. However, today the bulk of the citizens it is used bicycles as a means of transportation around the city. Unfortunately, until recently, the process of cycling was complicated by the fact that not all areas were special tracks. However, recently it became known that the local authorities have decided to solve this problem before the end of the year.

According to the available information, up to the end of 2016 in New York City should see a large number of new cycle paths, which will be spent over $ 9 million. According to preliminary data, the total length of new bike paths will be more than 50 miles. It will be new and modern tracks with special protection from the automobile flow by special dividing strip and concrete blocks. The local mayor's office have already confirmed that they are willing to allocate funds for addressing this issue.

However, this initiative has not only the approval but also criticism. The main arguments of the opponents of the creation of the tracks is called the fact that very often the cyclists disregard traffic rules and cause an accident.

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