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In New York want to fight with deer

Deer - cute and good animals, faithful companions of Santa Claus. However, in real life can be a serious impediment to human life. A striking example - this is New York. Recently, the local government staff reported that this year, seriously increased the population of white-tailed deer.

A large number of animals are a big nuisance for local residents, because it is very often the cause of the accident and are carriers of various serious diseases. That is why, NY authorities have decided to introduce a set of serious measures to help control the deer population in the state and to prevent the further growth of the number of these cloven-hoofed animals.

The greatest number of deer at the moment is fixed in Staten Island, because it is specific measures will be taken there to solve this problem. By the way, the authorities did not specify what methods of population control will be applied. Therefore, animal welfare advocates are ready to speak out against such an initiative.

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