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In New York, took the plane on solar batteries

Modern art is so extraordinary and multifaceted that even eminent critics often themselves confused about the newfangled trends of its development. The other day in New York was represented by quite an original exhibition of the famous Colombian artist Federico Uribe.

This master of the art became world famous thanks to the fact that to create his masterpieces, he uses a variety of subjects, which were originally designed for other purposes entirely. For example, in his collection, you can find a large number of works created from pencils, pens, paper clips, books, piano keys and many others. Special attention is given a series of sculptures created from shells. In general, these figures of various animals or other objects that fascinate the imagination and attract attention with their originality.

Despite the fact that most of the sculptures are made of different elements of weapons or military ammunition, Federico Uribe said he wanted thereby to show that one is better to do a work of art, but not to fight.

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