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In New York, the subway station was the most expensive in the world

In many large cities around the world there is a subway. Each station on a special beautiful, elegant and original, which makes it possible to produce certain ratings and comparative reviews. In particular, recently, a group of experts decided to conduct a comparative description of the cost of construction subway stations in various countries around the world. As it turned out, the most expensive in the world became the WTC subway station in New York.

Recall that the construction of the station lasted for the past twelve years. Creating a new branch of the subway, on the site of the destroyed as a result of the September 11 attacks the subway station, it was one of the most expensive construction projects in the history of the world practice the construction of such facilities. The initial cost of the project was estimated at $ 2 billion.

However, in the course of work costs doubled, and the total cost of building WTC subway station cost the city $ 4 billion. To date, none of the subway station in the world was not built for such large sums of money, so the WTC was the most expensive real station.

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