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In New York living the largest cat in the United States

Many of today's housewives began to fatten their animals to giant size. That is why, today, virtually every American family can be found fat and fluffy kitten who smiles sweetly and could barely move around the house. However, recently it was found out that the biggest cat in the United States lives in New York.

People on social networks were able to find the cat, who later received the title of the largest in the United States. This cat breed Maine Coon, whose name is Samson. According to preliminary data, it weighs more than 26 pounds, and about 4 feet in length.

Find this cat was quite simple. The fact that his master DJ Jonathan Zyurbel has an account in Instagram and it constantly publishes new photos with a cat.

According to the well-known veterinarians, at the moment it is the largest cat in New York, which is either known to the public. Therefore, if you have a cat at home, which has more weight or size, you will certainly have to talk about it.