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In New York, in honor of the Muhammad Ali called street

The Death of the greatest boxer Muhammad Ali of the XX century has affected everyone. That is why, in New York, even decided to temporarily rename 33 West Street, the street name of Mohammed Ali. Recall that the boxer died June 3, 2016 in one of the city of Phoenix clinics.

According to the official statement of the mayor of New York, it was decided to name in honor of the Muhammad Ali one of the city streets. At the moment, this is only a temporary name change, since the final decision will be made after approval of the city council. It is noteworthy that this street is close to the sports arena, "Madison Square Garden". It was here that the great Muhammad Ali had a lot of fights, which defeated their rivals. It is at this stage in 1971 held one of the most important boxing matches in history - the fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the renaming of streets in honor of a great sportsman, the city can thus pay tribute to Mohammed Ali.

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