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In New York, he took the championship on eating a hot dog

What do you think of how much time you can eat 70 hot dog? The average person this would require at least 1-2 days, as in this case will have to swallow a huge portion of food. However, a resident of San Jose Joey Chestnut, nicknamed «Jaws», could do it in 10 minutes !!!!

Recently in New York held an annual tournament in speed eating hot dog. The event brought together the best masters of this case with all the states, as well as a huge number of viewers who watched over all of this.

It is noteworthy that in the 9 th time winner in this competition became Joey Chestnut of California residents. This 32-year-old lover of a tasty meal managed to eat 70 hot dog for 10 minutes! Even the most experienced masters in this matter were surprised, because it is an absolute record. Nevertheless, he said, Joey Chestnut, 70 hot dog - is not the biggest number. The fact is that during the preparation for this event, he was able to eat a hotdog 73.5 during the same period, which was a new world record.

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