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In New York City taxi drivers make a vacation

Often taxi drivers in New York are working overtime to be able to earn more money from customers.

However, many of them are so neglected and sports, which sometimes bring themselves to faint and dizzy and lose concentration. As a result, these taxis are often participants in road accidents, as drivers who have enough sleep or too long at the wheel, losing vigilance and response. In this regard, the government of New York City decided to resolve the need for recreation taxi drivers at the legislative level. In particular, now any taxi driver in NY will be obliged to work strictly specified time, then according to the law he will need to rest.

The maximum period of continuous service of not more than 12 hours, after which the driver is obliged to 8:00 break from driving. All in all, a week taxi drivers are not allowed to work longer than 72 hours. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, this way it will be possible to win a professional driver fatigue in a taxi, which will increase the safety of passenger transportation.

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