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In New York City is preparing for Valentine's Day

Just over 4 days to one of the most romantic holidays of today - Valentine's Day. In New York, already in full swing preparing for the grand solemnity of the event, which will help to bring together hundreds of thousands of passionate people of all ages. Already in Times Square a number of well-known brands have made the installation as a luxurious and huge hearts shapes. Themselves figures are mirrored and have a golden hue.

Feature installation is that if people are inside the structure, before their eyes there is a beautiful game of colors and shades. Golden rays reflected from the mirrors, creating an amazing and even some fabulous highlights, from whose eyes just come in delight. If you do not know how to surprise your other half on February 14, we recommend to go with her to the main square of the city and visit this installation.

A bit about the festival

Valentine's Day for many Americans has become a symbol of love. On this day, millions of couples or just young lovers hearts congratulate each other on this holiday. A must present that day is Valentine - postcard in the shape of a heart, in which each person writes a congratulatory message and give it to someone he loves.

Many people think Valentine's Day only a youth holiday. However, it is not. In fact, it is suitable for those couples who have spent many years in a marriage and a good understanding of what is true love.

Historians say that this festival is one of the most ancient. According to some sources, the first mention of Valentine's Day date back to the XVII century. It was the first time a French historian Tillemont spoke about the holy martyrs Valentine, who was killed while protecting his love. We remind you that the festival will take place soon, so it's time to prepare for it and buy gifts! By the way, where is the best thing to do in New York City, read our other news.

And now we offer you a video in which you can personally look at the features of the installation at Times Square:

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