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In New York City again popular art deco style

In recent years, New York City, there is a trend of active development of such areas as architectural art deco. How to claim the experts, today in the city you can find a huge number of different objects that are built in this style. It is noteworthy that the classification and the specific buildings completely different - from major business centers, the bars and hotels.

It should be noted that the feature of this style is the use of straight lines in the correct architecture. Architects say that the art deco in New York, describes the rather unusual geometric forms - on the one hand is a straight line, but they have a certain sophistication and elegance. In conjunction with the original colors they create an unusual architectural complex in the industrial style, which can already be regarded as a new "calling card" of New York City.

Among the brightest objects in the style of Art Deco in NYC, you can select "Rockefeller Center", "Empire State" skyscraper "Chrysler" and many others.

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