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In New York, are going to raise the minimum wage

Authorities in New York have decided to set a new minimum wage in the state. Under the new bill, which must be approved and adopted, the minimum wage in the state may not be lower than $ 15 per hour. Such limits should be introduced for the next 2 years. First of all it concerns the New York City, but the plans of the authorities even in nearby cities in the state can also set the minimum wage.

As distant cities, there is a maximum increase in the minimum wage could be up to 12.5 dollars. Moreover, these figures will be relevant only after 2020. But deciding on a further increase in labor remuneration will be linked to the inflation and the economic development of the state in the near future. Recall that something like that recently adopted in California. They decided to raise the minimum wage to $ 10.5 in the next year.

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