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In Manhattan, New York cyclist tried to cut into the president's motorcade

June 8, US President Barack Obama has arrived in New York City. Special services and the police, who ensure smooth movement of the presidential motorcade, were forced to use force against a cyclist who rode on the roadway and the vehicle might interfere with the passage of the president.

As reported by the urban media, the incident occurred in the center of Manhattan. When the presidential motorcade moved down the road at one of the intersections on the roadway traveled 59-year-old cyclist.

Due to the fact that he was wearing headphones and listening to loud music, the man did not notice that the movement blocked the street. As a result, the police were forced to bring down the power of the man with the bike, so he did not stop the movement of the tuple Barack Obama. According to witnesses, the cyclist did not stop because it was not set any obstacles, and he was listening to music on headphones, so did not see the movement of the presidential motorcade.

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