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Human rights activists have criticized the plan of the mayor of New York on the development of affordable housing

A number of trade unions and human rights activists, led by Laetitia James criticized the plan, which was recently presented to the mayor of New York. We are talking about the project, which laid the basis for the development of social housing for New Yorkers. Key disadvantages of the plan, according to human rights defenders, is two points. The first - is the unavailability of housing.

If we analyze the value of "affordable" housing under the plan, it is possible to understand that few living today in New York people, on which the program is designed, will be able to afford the property. The second claim was already expressed by trade unions. They accuse the construction company engaged in construction of residential buildings in the fact that in the course of work is very frequent violations of workers' rights.

Also, Letitia James noted that the prices of those who are planning to install on this property, few people can afford it. She recalled that there is a real opportunity to build New York City for the children and it is important to implement it properly.

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