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Groupage cargo in the USA

Groupage cargo in the USA

It is difficult to imagine life of modern New York or any other American megapolis without transportation services. Undoubtedly, shipping is considered to be the key service, because the demand on these services is rather high. Almost daily we meet people who need to move something somewhere, to organize the delivery of large cargo or furniture, as well as organize a move to a new house, apartment or office.

In the early 80s many Americans had to organize the move themselves or ask their relatives for help. Nowadays specialized companies undertake this function. Business competition among them is very high that is why many of them have to work on optimization of their service constantly in order to stay afloat.

For example, nowadays many transport companies started practicing delivery of groupage cargo. It is a very convenient type of shipping orders from a few different clients who need to deliver cargoes to the same destination point.

What is groupage cargo?

Groupage cargo means a few different cargoes from various clients, having a single shipping and final point. For example, you need to send a parcel from New York to Los Angeles. However if you use automobile transport only for shipping one parcel, the delivery cost will be very high. That is why, in order to save client’s money, transportation companies use groupage cargoes. With the help of a well-established system of sorting orders, work of dispatchers and carefully considered logistics, it is possible to assemble different types of cargoes in a single container or delivery truck, following a certain route.

Main advantages of groupage cargoes

There is a variety of positive characteristics for using groupage cargoes during organization of transportation services in the USA. We will list only the main ones:

  • Client can considerably save money on shipping cargo. In some cases the use of groupage cargoes can cut shipping cost up to 3-4 times! This is a real economy of client’s funds.
  • Shipping company has the opportunity to serve a bigger amount of orders simultaneously. Due to this the volume of shipping cargoes increases, therefore, client base and income increase as well.
  • Delivery speed grows, since there is no need to wait for their delivery turn. 

How to order groupage cargo?

Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to find a person on your own who needs to ship cargo to the same city as you.

Therefore, in order to solve similar questions it is best to address a special company engaged in cargo shipping. For example, in New York, such service can be offered by STROMCOMPANY.

With the help of our company you can order delivery of goods or shipping of any types of cargoes both within the city and across the country in a matter of minutes. Our dispatchers will instantly choose a way cargo for you, so the cost of services in STROMCOMPANY is considered to be the most beneficial in New York. If you need to organize a move to another city or to order delivery from one district to another, you shall undoubtedly use our services.

To know the prices and terms of cooperation, as well as to get answers to frequently asked questions, please call us at the phone number indicated on the website.