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From Times Square evacuated 50 tons of garbage after the New Year

The tradition to celebrate the New Year on the main square of New York has become a habit for many residents of the city, as well as foreign tourists. Every year, to meet the first minutes of the new year it attracts hundreds of thousands of people who are overwhelmed and Times Square with his presence. Of course, such an event is not without various kinds of food and beverages.

Most of those present in the area are carrying a few bags of food, alcohol, or other types of drinks.

Obviously, after the contents of the bag safely eaten or drunk, the remaining containers discarded in the trash. Since this year to celebrate the New Year gathered a record 1 million people, it is obvious that they have created such a large amount of garbage, which simply would not fit into regular garbage containers. According to official information, after the celebration of the staff of public services taken for recycling more than 50 tons of garbage from Times Square. More than 230 cleaners and dozens of trucks were involved in order to do such work.