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At the Central Station in New York, you can see Italy

Would you like to visit Italy, but you do not have the time or opportunity?

In this case, all the inhabitants of New York City now have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the Italian culture and architecture just a few dollars.

This money is only needed in order to get to Grand Central subway station on Manhattan. It established huge 3D installation in which anyone has the opportunity to see the best cardio the most famous sites in Italy, to admire the magnificent monuments of Rome's architecture, see the Colosseum and see the features of Italian culture.

This installation entitled «Panorama» will operate until July 20. With each passing day, the number of those wishing to see it growing, so if you have such a desire, better hurry to catch. It is noteworthy that the viewing of this installation is absolutely free, so everyone has the opportunity to admire the beauty of this interesting object.

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