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Architectural masterpieces of New York - Bridges

Moving on transport through the streets of New York City, many of us often fail to notice that pass by different objects, which have a very high value for the overall architecture of the city. The indigenous people of New York for a long time they have become commonplace, in fact, it is very interesting and even a masterpiece design. For example, today we talk about the 5 bridges NY.

Few know that the transport interchanges in the city develop and build gradually, not immediately. That is why the presence of bridge became necessary only after there was a need in the transport connection of certain boroughs of New York City.

The very first famous Brooklyn Bridge, which today is considered one of the main attractions of the city was built. It is also very interesting for visitors and tourists is the Williamsburg Bridge, which is located between Manhattan and Queens.

These grand buildings, which are located directly above the ocean, have become familiar to us, but the next time, when you go on one of these bridges, be sure to pay attention to his majesty.