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April 2, NY will host "Pillow battle"

Less than two weeks until the moment when the center of New York City will meet again a great number of people with pillows, to take part in the annual flash mob "Pillow battle". Recall that this event is being held in our city for the eleventh time. According to the organizers, every year becomes more and more people wanting to take part in this interesting and exciting holiday. For example, the first flash mob 11 years ago, only 300 people had gathered, and in 2015 the number of participants was more than 5,000 people. This year the organizers expect more than 7,000 people will participate in the "battle".

It is worth noting that the "Pillow battle" has virtually no rule. The only limitation - not to beat people too much and do not break the lenses of cameras of reporters. If you do not have any plans at 2 April 2016, then we recommend to take the pillows and come with the whole family on this holiday. The sea of ​​positive emotions and positive emotions you are guaranteed. By the way, after the end of the event everyone can donate their pillows in charity Dare2B. It deals with problems of homeless children living in NY.

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