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A group of volunteers patrolling the subway in NYC

Volunteer organization "Guardian Angels" was engaged in patrolling the city subway in NYC. Recall that the association of volunteers was established over 37 years ago. Then, the creation of the organization was due to a sharp increase in the number of crimes on the streets. It is noteworthy that just a few years of its existence, the organization actually managed to significantly reduce the number of petty thefts and other crimes. In the 90 years the organization has suspended its activities. However, due to the increase in the number of robberies in the subway in New York, reports that continually comes to the local police, "Guardian Angels" again decided to start patrolling.

Note that the volunteers from this organization does not belong to the police rank. They do not carry guns, but simply engaged in patrolling stations and subway trains in NYC to help people quickly if the robbers.

Will it help reduce the crime rate in a city subway? The answer to this question, we will be able to learn only after some time.

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