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Today any human activity is concerned with transportation of freight. It became an essential part of life. With growth of such requirement, the companies which offer the services grow also. Customers should choose between various conditions and services. Each customer wants to find conscientious, reliable and skilled transport company. The most important criteria by which clients are guided, choosing a carrier, reliability of a carrier, efficiency of its work, and above all responsibility for the provided services act. Nobody wants to provide the things in somebody's unreliable hands.

In modern New York everything moves, nothing stands still. Major companies extend, people move to live to the new house. All people seek for changes. Such changes can cause the solution of various problems. And one of such difficulties is the transportation of personal or corporate belongings, furniture, goods etc. To simplify procedure of moving of people considerably, the increasing popularity is gained by the companies which specialize on different transportations of freights.

For professionals there are no obstacles in transportation of freight. Practically everything is transported. Transport services are necessary for office transportations, transportations of furniture, personal or corporate belongings, transportation of freights, express delivery of goods, etc. The main advantage of transportation of freight is that such service is fast and mobile. A distinctive feature of this service is its financial availability. Transport services are ordered by major companies, enterprises as well as by ordinary people. First of all, transportation of freight is a reliability and responsibility of a carrier. At system of transport services there is always a big competition. But the transportation of freight on the car is considered to be one of the most demanded services in the New York City. Not each transport firm or the company can offer the clients high-quality and fast service.

We offers the clients high-quality service on transportation of freight. Transport services are furnished to clients precisely in time if it is necessary to translate freight from the placement to the placement, around the city and, also, over all country. The Stromcompany obtained the NYC license according to which the company has the right to provide transport services both in state and beyond it. Local New York movers, which work in the company, pass special training. Our working collective with pride performs the work and responsibility, which is hold on it. Therefore, each worker is proud of his work. The company works for one big purpose – to satisfy all clients's needs, to provide reliable and fast service.

Services, which are provided by the company

Export of construction material. The company carries out export of construction garbage in New York. The team of experienced workers will clean the remains of construction garbage or materials, which remain after repair work. The company has all necessary equipment for such kind of works. Building wastes are taken out only to the places intended for its utilization. 2 The company provides service in delivery of construction materials, including loose. At construction, repair work, gardening of sites and the areas a large amount of construction materials is needed. Ordering the service of transportation and delivery, the client isn't distracted from paramount goals. We take all current questions upon ourselves. It is enough for client to buy material, to issue the request, having specified material and its quantity pointed out, and also, in what form it is brought (a bag, a scattering). To point out coordinates of dispatch and the destination. And that's all. Specialists of the company will take care of the rest.

Transportation of furniture, heavy household appliances. If the customer has a need for moving, Stromcompany will help him with it. The working crew, which deals with packing, loading and transportation of heavy furniture or equipment, knows the business. That is why client has no need to worry! His property will be delivered in time. After freight is delivered to a place of its appointment, workers unload it, bring to the placement of the customer. At the client’s request, workers can execute assembly of furniture, deployment in necessary places. After all work is done, workers will clean garbage, which can be formed as a result of unpacking of freight. The company transports house, office furniture as well as antiquarian furniture. The company assumes overall responsibility for transportation, delivery, and also, safety of freight.

Cargo taxi of New York. What is it and for what it can be needed? New York is the largest and brisk city. Respectively the order of a cargo taxi rescues in the most necessary situations: delivery of furniture from shop, moving on a new residence or office. Drivers of the company arrive to the client's address in a short period of time. The vehicle fleet of the company allows using necessary transport for this type of transport.

Transports heavy musical instruments. Skilled loaders will cope with such difficult task carefully. Besides transportation, the company provides services of professional loaders of New York. What can be done by qualified specialists, is hardly can be made by ordinary people. It is better to pay for service, which will be done by the professional, than to remain with the scratched and beaten hands, the broken back, and also, the damaged property. While professional loaders work, the client can have a rest, having afforded a cup of fragrant coffee. After all, it is so convenient!

Packing of things

Any deliveries, shipment are connected with transfer of heavy subjects. Before workers take out your things from the house, all necessary precautionary measures are taken. Packing of things is necessary in order that during transportation freight is reliably protected. Reliable packing and a pneumatic suspension bracket of transport guarantee safety and integrity even the most fragile things. Each freight is traced by operators by means of GPS. As a result, you cannot worry that your freight will come to the specified time.

Comfortable service by clients

Our moving company in New York City cares of receiving comfortable service by clients. Therefore, while packing freight, furniture, the client doesn't pay for materials which workers use to keep and preserve integrity of freight during transportation.

In case clients want to transport independently the things and furniture, moving companies New York City is ready to help. Stromcompany offers our clients a huge choice of packing boxes and materials. Client can order packing by phone or having visited the site of the shop. It is necessary to issue the order then, the next day the courier will deliver all necessary accessories to your door free of charge*. Moving out to order, our loaders have a wide choice of packing and boxes therefore, even at the last minute, before sending, there is an opportunity to pack the forgotten things in the car.

Mission of the company

Mission of the company is that the speed of service and quality of services, which are provided by skilled professionals, are on the first place. We build our activity so that the client doesn't worry about the freight. We assume all responsibility for high-quality transportation of freight. Strategy of the company consists in optimizing all stages of work, providing clients modern with service on transportation of freight. Company’s operator, who accepts and processes your request, learns from you all information on freight, which needs to be transported. It is its characteristic, weight, size, material, etc. It is needed to take all necessary measures for packing and transportation of the forthcoming freight. Also, client has to provide the operator with the data of places of dispatch and arrival of freight. All parameters of the demand are considered and processed. Our operator chooses the most optimum route for transportation of freight. Client can know the price even before sending the request.

Advantages for the customer, choosing the services of Stromcompany

  • Reliability – evidence of this is 6 years of experience in the field of transport services.
  • The basis of the company consists of the professional staff. Our loaders and operators 3 constantly undergo the necessary training. This approach allowed achieving a quality service. Employee is the icon of our company.
  • The company values the time of its customers and clients. Therefore we look after all work is done coped and quickly.
  • We consider loyalty to be the characteristic feature of the relations with clients. The proof of this is our long term cooperation. We care of each client, of his/her requirements. Therefore any call, any request won't be ignored. Processing the request about transportation of freight, each our client receives an individual approach. We take into account the characteristics of freight, the client's wish.
  • We provide not only transport services, we give to our customers positive emotions. After all, the acceptable price of service plus sharp work can't but bring joy to the client.

For moving company New York City Stromcompany such advantages are inherent as the speed of processing and execution of the order, the individual approach to each client, reliability and security of transported goods. We value our reputation, which is created by our customers. Effective work of professional team, the most profitable prices and the individual attention to each client are the main criteria for the success of the company!

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"I am very glad that it is addressed to this organization. The guys work really professionally and have competitive rates for services. I recommend!"

"My mother is already old and so I decided to take her to his home. However, she agreed to live with me only if all her belongings and furniture will be moved along with it. I thought a lot, to whom we turn for help, but then I realized that the decision in front of my eyes. I turned to this organization and I provide fast services on favorable terms. Thank you!"

Only the positive impressions of the interaction with this firm. Very good conditions.